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Senator ikechukwu abana made the remarks in his country home, enugwu-ukwu, during a chat with newsmen.

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Indian BdelliumGuggul effectively lowers triglyceride levelstotal cholesterol levels and free fatty acid levelsthrough liver lipolysisthe breakdown of lipids in the liverincreased fecal bile acid excretioninhibiting the biosynthesis of hepatic cholesterolproduction of cholesterol in the liver and inhibiting the oxidation of LDL.

Abana is an Ayurvedic drug combination manufactured by Himalaya Herbal HealthcareThis combination includes Arjuna Terminalia ArjunaIndian BdelliumGugguland Shilajit as major ingredients besides a number of other Ayurvedic extractsAbana benefits include the treatment of cardiovascular problems as well as mild to moderate hypertension.

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ABANA convenes hundreds of distinguished guests each year to celebrate the most accomplished individuals working in the Middle EastNorth Africa and North America today.

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O OSB é uma instituição não governamental, sem fins lucrativos, disseminadora de uma metodologia padronizada para a criação e atuação de uma rede de organizações democráticas e apartidárias do terceiro setor. A Rede OSB é formada por voluntários engajados na causa da justiça social e contribui para a melhoria da gestão pública.